LeanDNA in the News: Supply Chain Insights on Spending Time Where it Counts in Supply Chain

When are parts not just parts? Recently, LeanDNA was featured as a best-of-breed solution to consider for augmenting direct material processes as part of a call for improvement in supply chains by Lora Cecere, lead analyst at Supply Chain Insights. Below are highlights from the article, or read the full article at Supply Chain Insights.

  • Supply chain management is more complex than ever before and requires the oversight of a nonlinear, and often very unpredictable, system
  • Many companies that are being held hostage to ERP upgrades with 70% cost overruns and 60% time-schedule expansion
  • Over 90% of companies have deployed ERP and APS, but inventory levels have grown, not decreased
  • PFEP enables supply chain leaders to glean a 360-degree view of their inventory and procurement policies to maximize the value of each inventory dollar. But PFEP “tune-ups” often require time-consuming and manual Excel analysis that limits the frequency of optimization
  • All of the standard forms of inventory management (ERP, MRP, PFEP) are not enough, and there is a need for
  • By using best-of-breed technologies like LeanDNA in the cloud and linking to ERP data, business teams improve their ability to get to data by 15–20% while also improving the effectiveness of decisions
  • Business users of LeanDNA average 15% raw material savings, improve customer service, have greater cross-functional alignment, and better manage materials