National Manufacturing Day and the Leaders Modernizing Factories Around the World

National Manufacturing Day: A day dedicated to celebrating modern manufacturing and inspiring future supply chain talent. In honor of today, I’d like to take a moment to celebrate some of the achievements I’ve seen in the industry and with our clients.

In the last 50 years of manufacturing, we’ve seen each industry—from automotive to aerospace to medical device—transition into the global customizable market wrought with supply chain complexity. Now, we get to watch and lead as AI technology transforms the business: Robots in warehouses, drones in delivery, prescriptive actions in factories, and more. 30 years ago, I was inspired by the growth of modern manufacturing. Or rather, I was inspired by the struggles I experienced and saw in the world’s factories, and knew there had to be a way to modernize those processes. We’ve come a long way on that front. But to really celebrate the modernized factory, we have to celebrate the people who are leading the transformation:

  • It’s people like John Rokus at JR Automation and Doug Dollberg at Integra, who are taking risks, leading innovations, and introducing new practices, processes, and technology at their respective organizations.

  • It’s people like the team at Safran, who are innovating beyond traditional ERP system analysis to modern technology, allowing them to empower their buyers and drive real results in their organization (like a 36% reduction in inventory in 3 months at Safran Seats).

  • It’s people like Mike Louderback, who is leading Morgan Advanced Materials’ supply chain optimization efforts, using our technology as the single source of truth to drive operational improvements in the business.

  • And it’s people like you, who work all day every day (sometimes long after the work day ends) to uncover inventory optimization opportunities, build new processes for continuous improvement, and evolve procurement practices into the factory of the future—the factory of today.

We’re grateful to work with so many innovators and early adopters leading the charge towards a modern factory. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for manufacturing. 

So, who’s leading the charge to modernize manufacturing at your company? What initiatives are driving you closer to your goals? Let us know below.