Historical Supply and Demand Data Allows Cutting-Edge Root Cause Analysis

LeanDNA Launches Item Change Analytics Within Flagship Solution

July 11, 2018, Austin, Texas

Supply chain managers now have unprecedented capabilities to analyze historical supply, demand, and order policy changes for every single part using LeanDNA’s Factory Analytics software. Snapshots of complex part-level data are taken on a daily basis and maintained for fifteen months, providing a unique capability to customers to determine the root causes behind inventory excesses and shortages that can impact delivery performance.

“Our customers were often puzzled by sudden changes in supply or demand, which resulted in unexpected shortages one day and excess inventory the next,” said Richard Lebovitz, Founder and CEO of LeanDNA. “It was a natural extension of our analytics engine to capture this inventory information on a daily basis. Supply chain leaders will now be able to quickly identify inventory issues, drill down for details, and track back to the underlying reason for how they got there. You can look at this historical supply data for on every part on a daily basis and maintain it for future root-cause analysis.”

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions do not maintain or analyze historical data. Without the ability to easily correlate historical item data, past requirements, or actions that have been taken, no buyer, procurement manager, or supply chain leader can easily explain why a parts inventory issue exists. Compensating for missing historical data through manual processes has not been effective.

Item Change Analytics allows manufacturers to automatically maintain historical supply data for every single part. With the click of a button within LeanDNA, supply chain professionals can see over one year of history. This makes it easy to determine the seasonal cycles of a part, understand regular demand fluctuation patterns, and show how any changes impacted inventory levels.

In addition to Item Change Analytics, LeanDNA’s latest release for Factory Analytics includes additional capabilities that promote collaboration across teams and simplifies inventory action management. The cloud-based platform, already available in English, French, and Mandarin Chinese, has also been officially translated into Spanish.

About LeanDNA

LeanDNA makes manufacturing and supply chain decisions simple with predictive analytics and proactive task recommendations. Integrating quickly and seamlessly with any ERP, LeanDNA’s cloud-based platform enables supply chain leaders to reduce shortages, improve inventory turns, and gain visibility into today’s most complex operations. Join thousands of users globally using LeanDNA.