LeanDNA In the News: Cutting Inventory For the Factory With Analytics

One of the balancing acts for manufacturers and supply chain leaders is having the right inventory levels. But it’s often difficult to identify ways to reduce inventory without sacrificing on-time delivery performance. LeanDNA is featured in this article in Modern Materials Handling, which highlights how our Factory Analytics solution:

  • Provides advanced, collaborative analytics focused on inventory, rather than traditional MRP or factory planning tools
  • Performs analysis and sizing parameters automatically
  • Recommends action opportunities for increased profitability
  • Standardizes best practices across the organization
  • Improves on-time delivery performance into the 90th percentile or above

Read the full article https://www.mmh.com/article/manufacturing_execution_systems_mes_meets_the_warehouse

Not sure what we do? Watch this brief video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8b6lZLe9ncs