Cycle Counting and Inventory Shortages

Successfully managing inventory can be difficult. There are many moving parts, from determining the level of inventory that should be kept to maintaining the inventory levels necessary to avoid shortages and excess inventory. While there are many ways to count inventory, cycle counting is one of the most efficient methods to prevent inventory shortages and target discrepancies between reported versus actual inventory. 


Astrid Hussonnois of LeanDNA Named a 2021 Women in Supply Chain Award Winner

Customer Success Manager Recognized for Empowering Inventory and Supply Chain Leaders with the Technology and Support They Need for Dynamic Decision Making

AUSTIN, Texas – Sept. 17, 2021 – LeanDNA, the only provider of factory-focused inventory optimization solutions, announced today that its Customer Success Manager Astrid Hussonnois has been named a 2021 Women in Supply Chain award winner by Supply & Demand Chain Executive


In Our DNA: Summer Core Value Spotlight

At LeanDNA, we strive for collaboration and teamwork to create a safe space for innovation. We live and breathe our four core values, because our vision—to disrupt manufacturing by transforming every factory into a strategic force—wouldn’t be possible without our extraordinary Leaniacs. Beyond accomplishing business goals, LeanDNA continues to work towards being One Team and fostering collaborative and rewarding work environment.

Every month, we recognize the accomplishments of some of our teammates who embody LeanDNA’s core values every day in their work.  Below are this summer’s value winners who not only embody these traits, but take them to a whole new level. 


LeanDNA for Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Increased sustainability can be extremely beneficial for manufacturers. A focus on sustainability can not only reduce costs, but can also create a more positive brand reputation. Manufacturers are using advanced technology more and more to reduce wasteful activities, build new efficiencies in their operations, and track sustainability goals across their organization. When it comes to optimizing inventory and building sustainable procurement processes, LeanDNA is a valuable resource in a supply chain team’s toolkit. 


Vendor vs. Supplier vs. Distributor: Where do your materials come from?

In today’s manufacturing landscape, understanding where your materials are coming from, and improving collaboration with those sources, is crucial for preventing shortages and navigating supply chain disruptions. In this blog, we break down vendor vs. supplier vs. distributor—and even talk about wholesalers as well—how they compare, and how manufacturers can improve collaboration.


Putting the Lean-hybrid Model to the Test: Paul Aram of Ingersoll Rand

COVID-19 disrupted manufacturing processes on a global scale, with unpredictable customer demand and headline-making critical shortages. On top of that, unexpected disruptions like the Suez Canal exposed the need for a more resilient supply chain. In 2021, manufacturers have been forced to take a hard look at their inventory management best practices and workflows as they try to weather the Perfect Storm. So, how can manufacturers remain successful and competitive through such instability? 

In the April 2021 IndustryWeek webinar titled, “Going Beyond ‘Status Quo’ Supply Chains,” Ingersoll Rand’s Paul Aram, LeanDNA CEO Richard Lebovitz, and industry analyst Bob Ferrari, shared their thoughts on the next big thing in execution-based inventory management methods.


Recap: New Manifestations of Lean and the Next Normal of Manufacturing

2021 is the year of new for manufacturers. New challenges are bringing on new manifestations of lean, new ways to connect manufacturing operations, and a new focus on the factory as a strategic force for leaders. Last month, LeanDNA CEO Richard Lebovitz joined industry analyst Bob Ferrari’s latest installment of his podcast, “Supply Chain Matters” to discuss these themes and more. “Supply Chain Matters” is widely regarded as one of the top internet blogs in the field of supply chain management thought leadership. 

Find and listen to this installment of the podcast here, or read on for the main takeaways from Ferrari and Lebovitz’s discussion.