Increase supply chain efficiency and achieve goals with automated task management

Achieve your team’s performance goals by leveraging automated task management and unlocking prescriptive and prioritized action guidance

Provide your teams with prescriptive and prioritized action guidance on a daily basis so they don’t waste time manually collecting source data, syncing with other teams through emails and phone calls, and reviewing and solving on low impact exception messages.

Improve efficiency and make faster decisions by streamlining and enhancing supply chain processes to address the most important daily procurement issues.

Workbench alerts and reviews

Automate performance reporting

Review individual and collective performance through a synchronized view of buyers, sites, and suppliers

Lean Projects

Drive continuous improvement initiatives

Align actions with organizational strategy by utilizing lean methodology without increasing risk of shortages

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Streamlined workflows improve team efficiency

Standardize cross-functional teams’ workflows through a centralized command center

Our cloud-based solution connects and writes back to any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, creating centralized visibility and prescriptive guidance for supply chain teams to execute against, and can be implemented in as little as 10 weeks for a quick time to value

LeanDNA integrates AI and machine learning to create a proactive approach to inventory management by streamlining repetitive procurement processes by automating manual tasks and prioritizing high-value activities.

Get answers to common questions such as:

  • How is each team member performing?
  • How are we performing towards our financial and on-timer delivery goals?
  • How is a certain site performing?
  • Request demo

LeanDNA AI-enabled capabilities driving smarter, predictable and connected execution

  • Write back through two way integration
  • Automatic sync runs with failure recovery
  • S&OP parameter updates through rules based automation
  • PO management rule enabled
  • Supplier PO updates through Supplier Connect
Chat for Inventory Orchestration and AutomatesChat for Inventory Orchestration and Automated task management

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