Maximize supply chain collaboration and efficiency

Digitally thread your supply chain collaboration with role-based standard work.

Align key performance indicators with strategic initiatives to drive cost reductions and continuous improvement in manufacturing.

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Guide lean projects, supplier connect collaboration, and readily-available performance dashboards

With information scattered across teams and technology, manufacturers struggle to gain the visibility and priorities necessary for a sustainable supply chain strategy.

LeanDNA provides a centralized platform to bridge the gap between teams to drive lean improvement initiatives, align strategy with accountability, enhance communication and visibility, and standardize performance reports using automation.

Enhanced visibility and innovation to improve supply chain management

Bridge the gap between strategy and execution

Standardize performance tracking

A synchronized view of supplier and buyer performance across all sites with the ability to customize the view per site with sharing capabilities for standardized, readily available performance reports.

Improve supplier innovation & collaboration

Maximize the value from procurement teams and suppliers by improving their relationships, streamlining collaboration, and enhancing visibility to meet customer on-time delivery goals.

Drive key initiatives with continuous improvement

Leverage advanced technologies utilizing augmented intelligence to propel top priorities and proactively manage supply chains with real-time data and communication for aligned priorities and updates.

Track performance and identify opportunities to improve supply chain operations

Improve buyer, site, and supplier performance

Prioritize and collaborate on inventory status, review supplier scorecards, and manage improvement initiatives to completion through a collaborative ecosystem.

Streamline communication and improve productivity

Drive operational excellence throughout the business by translating goals into initiatives, and providing a best-practice structure for collaborative management and automated reporting using industry best practices and proven lean methodologies.

Supply chain innovation & supplier collaboration

  • Supplier connect workbench
  • Supplier projects
  • Supplier scorecard
  • Supplier spend

Continuous improvement

  • Supplier lean projects
  • Control tower (bowling chart)
  • Lean initiative dashboards
  • Drive business initiatives with organizational
    alignment & advanced reporting methods

Streamline procurement workflow

  • Automated root cause analysis
  • Automated daily task recommendations
  • Automated reporting

Performance dashboards

  • Buyer performance
  • Supplier performance
  • Site performance
We share the key insights our suppliers need to be successful. With LeanDNA we are able to share long-range data and forecasting into our investment, people, and growth as well as information about critical purchase orders impacting production. LeanDNA has become an essential collaboration tool for us.
— Mandeep Sahota, Vice President of Operations at Johnson Controls

Discover how you can leverage the LeanDNA platform to maximize your return on supply chain management systems investment by 3 to 4x.

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