Reduce disruptions with effective and agile response planning

Build supply chain resilience by creating a system capable of adapting and aligning inventory strategy and execution with market dynamics

Overcome increased operational complexities and resource constraints by maintaining production continuity and effectively adjusting inventory execution when sudden shifts in demand and/ or supply occur.

Quickly identify newly projected shortages and excesses to adjust execution when sudden disruptions and market volatility occur

PFEP Dashboard

Readily available, daily prioritized inventory actions

Daily automated recommended actions prioritized by inventory criticality

inventory reduction opportunities inventory burnoff chart

Identify inventory opportunities

Through an inventory burnoff chart to track progress towards optimization goal

Our cloud-based solution connects and writes back to any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, creating centralized visibility and prescriptive guidance for supply chain teams to execute against, and can be implemented in as little as 10 weeks for a quick time to value

LeanDNA enhances procurement teams’ capability to quickly pivot strategy and execution by identifying the immediate actions to take to maximize output and protect production lines from sudden disruptions and market volatility

Get answers to common questions such as:

  • How much excess inventory can we send to another site?
  • Where are we compared to optimal inventory levels?
  • What inventory actions should my team take?
  • What is our plan for every part?
  • Request demo

LeanDNA AI-enabled capabilities driving smarter, predictable and connected execution through

  • Data extraction and pipeline routed through LeanDNA Connect
  • Data health dashboard and data monitoring
  • PFEP policies
  • Inventory burnoff risk management
  • Rule-based logic for inventory actions, LOB, CTB
  • Machine learning (ML) model tracking buyer activity in response to recommended actions
Lean Projects

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