Keep your customers happy with on-time delivery and protect your company’s top and bottom lines

Gain predictive materials visibility with actionable inventory insights

Put a stop to time-consuming manual inventory data analyses that restrict your team’s ability to get in front of preventing late deliveries and production stoppages. Gain the visibility needed to prioritize actions.

Identify and resolve future inventory shortages and excesses before they occur and ahead of starting production

Clear to build with view of inventory actions

Production readiness visibility
Clear to build

Comprehensive view into critical shortages ordered by importance with insight into when they are able to build based on current and incoming materials

Line of balance to manage shortage risk by item

Proactively manage shortage risk
Line of balance

Identify critical shortages to understand the root cause, prioritize actions to take, and collaborate with other procurement and operations teams

Workbench for inventory insights

Reliable materials opportunities
Supplier workbench

Identify and take action on recommendations based on projected materials needs and supplier availability to avoid future stock outs

Our cloud-based solution connects and writes back to any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, creating centralized visibility and prescriptive guidance for supply chain teams to execute against, and can be implemented in as little as 10 weeks for a quick time to value

LeanDNA surfaces daily inventory action recommendations prioritized by the highest impact by creating a single source of truth for accurate inventory data and insights into incoming and available resources and matching them to forecasted demand.

Get answers to common questions such as:

  • When will we be ready to build?
  • How can we proactively manage the risk of shortages?
  • What is the exact status of shortages imparting clear to build?
  • Do I have any critical shortages impacting production?
  • Request demo

LeanDNA AI-enabled capabilities driving smarter, predictable and connected execution

  • Inventory actions
  • SBO and inventory optimization graph
  • Shortages by orders and/ or items
  • Order policies recommendations
Inventory actions recommendations to rightsize inventory

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