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Leaniacs are positive, ambitious problem solvers dedicated to empowering the modern-day supply chain team.

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Our leadership team

With decades of combined experience, LeanDNA’s leaders are on a mission to equip the modern-day supply chain team with advanced analytics for radically improved performance and results.

The LeanDNA executive team is dedicated to growing and developing as a team and has recently taken the initiative to undergo the Manager 360 program for continuous improvement.

Richard Lebovitz

President and CEO Read more

Olivier Gachot

Chief Revenue Officer Read more

Roy Shamir

Chief Technology Officer Read more

John Eckman

Chief Financial Officer Read more

Jordan Slabaugh

Chief Marketing Officer Read more

Daniel Taylor

Vice President of Customer Success Read more

Jeanmarie Rust

Head of People Operations Read more

Harrison Wells

Vice President of Professional Services Read more

Tim Hiers

Director of Technical Delivery Read more

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