Build an intelligent supply chain ecosystem

Increase on-time delivery and capital efficiency through smarter, predictable and connected execution

Surface the most important signals and tune out the non-critical noise. Provide quick response to disruptions through better visibility and effective communication, overcoming rising operating complexities and diminishing resources that lead to slower response times, late deliveries, inefficiencies, and errors.

Reliable inventory data

Better and faster decision-making

Move beyond the time-consuming struggles of manually finding, extracting, and manipulating data that jeopardizes data integrity and leads to misinformed decision making and critical shortages. Create more reliable processes.

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Actionable supply insights

Readiness to fulfill orders on time

Avoid static, error-prone manual inventory data analyses that restrict your team’s ability to prevent late deliveries and production stoppages. Gain the visibility needed to prioritize actions, achieve supply chain excellence.

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Agile response planning

Mitigate external risk and build resilience

Be equipped to expect the unexpected. Overcome increased operational complexities and resource constraints by maintaining production continuity and effectively adjusting inventory execution when sudden shifts in demand and/ or supply occur.

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Automated task management

Increase efficiency and achieve performance goals

Provide procurement and materials teams with prescriptive and prioritized action guidance on a daily basis. Avoid wasting time manually collecting unstructured data working from spreadsheets, syncing with other teams through emails and phone calls, and reviewing and solving low priority exception messages.

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Materials orchestration

Better align priorities and improve performance

Accelerate response time to address issues by breaking down the siloed communication and limited visibility across buyers, planners, and suppliers that lead to misunderstandings, inefficiencies, and errors.

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Our cloud-based solution connects and writes back to any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, creating centralized visibility and prescriptive guidance for supply chain teams to execute against, and can be implemented in as little as 10 weeks for a quick time to value

Thrive in today’s rapidly evolving and dynamic supply chain in manufacturing by building a competitive edge through flawless execution.

Staying ahead of the competition requires anticipating, operating, and delivering in the face of inevitable disruption and unforeseen blind spots, equipping factory-level teams to optimize how they execute by:

Building supply chain resilience

Enable your procurement teams to successfully execute on production plans and meet performance goals.

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Increasing efficiency

Enhance your supply chain teams’ ability to make better and faster decisions and achieve aggressive inventory goals with existing – or fewer – resources.

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LeanDNA empowers discrete manufacturers to execute on materials procurement with excellence by generating reliable inventory data and providing actionable insights that mitigate operational and external risk. Through agile response planning and inventory orchestration capabilities, buyers, planners, and suppliers can make better and faster decisions that improve efficiency, ensure on time delivery goals are met and maximize working capital efficiency.

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