5 Ways Digital Transformation Will Shake Up Inventory Management Solutions in 2021

We always knew digital transformation in inventory management solutions would continue to grow in the manufacturing space, but the unpredicted challenges amid COVID-19 catalyzed that need. In 2021, manufacturers are tasked with ramping production back to the place it was in 2019—a level that took decades for some to establish. These companies are turning to technology to quickly re-establish and sustain best practices critical in today’s complex supply chain. Cloud-based software, AI-driven technology, and smart, standardized work have gone from a nice-to-have to a company-wide mandate.

As manufacturers ramp back up and make their operations “disruption-proof,” here’s how I predict manufacturing will transform in 2021. 


Letter from the CEO: Top 5 Procurement and Supply Chain Management Moments in 2020 for LeanDNA

2020 has brought a whirlwind of change, uncertainty, and ongoing disruption to normal business operations. But at the same time, the world has seen first-hand the importance that manufacturing and supply chain plays in the day-to-day life of every individual. While this year has been challenging, one thing remained constant: We continue to be honored and proud to work with such incredible partners in the manufacturing space.


The Inventory Control Hurdle: What’s Next for Medical Device Manufacturers?

The medical device manufacturing industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Driven by global economic growth, innovation, and an aging population, the U.S. medical device market was poised to reach $800B by 2030 before COVID-19 hit. During the pandemic, some medical device companies selling essential supplies and equipment faced demand surges. Others were impacted by a loss of revenue due to procedure postponement. Still, many expect the industry as a whole to recover by 2023


The Age of Analytics and Beyond: What’s Next for Manufacturing?

As supply chains grow increasingly global and complex, having the right parts at the right time has become imperative to keep supply chains running smoothly. Yet, even as digital transformation initiatives rapidly expand across the factory and supply chain, operational procurement teams continue to be left behind. 

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How Collaborative Analytics Empowers Agile Supply Chain Procurement: This and more from AeroDef 2019

Collaborative Analytics for Morgan Advanced Materials

Supply chain management is becoming increasingly complex. Today’s manufacturing is more global and requires synchronization of material deliveries from suppliers throughout the world. There is increasing pressure to analyze complex data to prioritize and manage daily tasks, pressures from clients to quickly meet their changing demands, and pressures to deliver on time regardless of the product complexity and routine demand changes. In a time like this, agility and collaborative analytics are vital for successful supply chain procurement. Suppliers must utilize timely information shared across all people in the operation. The result of doing so? Clearly aligned critical decision making that keeps up with client expectations. 


The Name of the Game is Adoption: Observations from the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit

I just finished my first day at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit in Philadelphia and spent the day in the analytics track with manufacturing and technology leaders from across the country. The message from day one was clear: there’s a lot of talk about the technology behind analytics, and not enough focus on the human side that will ultimately yield results.

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