¿Habla Español? LeanDNA is Now Available in Spanish!

¡Hola! Each day, LeanDNA sets out to delight customers and transform supply chains around the world through collaborative analytics. To support our global users, we’re always making improvements and additions to the tool. Today, we are pleased to announce that LeanDNA now offers Spanish language support!

20 countries around the world name Spanish as their official language, with over 420 million speakers around the world. A number of Spanish-speaking countries have a place on Deloitte’s list of top Global Manufacturing Competitors, with Mexico ranked within the top 10.

Spanish joins English, Mandarin Chinese, and French as the fourth officially-supported language in the LeanDNA platform. So if you’re ready to utilize predictive, prescriptive, and collaborative analytics to improve inventory turns and on-time deliveries from anywhere on the planet, LeanDNA can help! The tool automatically translates languages and converts currencies, so locations around the world can still take advantage of cross-site functionality.

Are you ready to transformar su Cadena de suministro with LeanDNA in Spanish? Schedule some time with one of our product experts today.