• Our Supply Chain Heroes program recognizes and celebrates the hard work of LeanDNA customers  who empower their companies to operate more efficiently. Every hero has a story, and we’re here to tell them!

    In the dynamic world of supply chain management, heroes emerge – individuals who lead transformative initiatives, boost efficiency, and save valuable time. Meet Shannon Janicki, a Materials Manager at Nelson Global, a supply chain hero who has transformed her small team’s manual efforts into a more efficient workflow. Tackling the complexities of inventory management.  

    The Challenge: Tracking Actions Efficiently  

    At the plant where Shannon works, she found herself grappling with the intricacies of inventory management in a high-mix, low-volume manufacturing environment. The abundance of exception messages, particularly reschedule in/reschedule out notifications, posed a significant challenge for her team. 

    Shannon's team relied on manual methods like using Excel files to prioritize reschedule out exception messages. While somewhat effective, these methods lacked a mechanism to track the value of their actions efficiently. Shannon and her team found a way to escape the manual spreadsheet process through a digital transformation with the support of tools like LeanDNA. “We can focus our efforts on the reschedule out exceptions that will result in the largest inventory avoidances, keep track of the value of those actions, and zero in on the shortages that are impacting us within our production window,” said Shannon.

    Collaboration, Improving Working Capital, and Time Savings

    Their digital transformation journey also gave them a way to create higher visibility and ultimately drive improved operational efficiency. Enabling them to see notes and comments added by other teammates provided them with an environment to collaborate. They could see what actions had already been taken, when to expect orders to arrive, and other relevant information about shortages. Additionally, the team has enhanced its escalation process, ensuring swift action, and bolstered communication across all affected orders. 

    “This [collaboration and visibility] really helped to reduce redundant efforts and increased awareness of what was being worked on and the results of that work.”   

    Shannon's team experienced immediate improvements in raw material inventory management. Using the Inventory Actions tool within LeanDNA provided valuable insights into purchase order alignment with changes in demand. Within the initial 14 months, Shannon and her team saw improvements in working capital from taking inventory actions recommended by LeanDNA. This is a testament to their proactive approach and dedication to optimization.

    Not only that, the team was able to save time by identifying work orders ready for production through the Clear to Build tool. Furthermore, forecasting inventory has historically posed challenges for Shannon and her team, but by leveraging the Inventory Burnoff tool, they've gained clarity and confidence in their inventory management strategies.

    A Tip From the Hero: Set Yourself up for Success

    We like to ask every Supply Chain Hero the same question: what is the most valuable thing you have learned that you would want to share with other supply chain professionals? Shannon’s tip was all about setting yourself and your team up for success. She underscores the significance of team collaboration in ensuring the long-term success of implementing a tool like LeanDNA.

    “Getting the buy-in from the team that will be utilizing the tool is the best way to ensure its long-term success! Setting expectations up front on how you want to see the tool being used is important.”  

    In the intricate web of supply chain management heroes like Shannon Janicki shine through, leading the charge towards efficiency and optimization. Shannon's journey truly exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative solutions in overcoming inventory management challenges and driving organizational success.


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