LeanDNA Unveils Industry-First, Cross-Site Visibility Features for Enterprises

Executives deepen inventory optimization with new features bringing access to operation insights through predictive analytics

LeanDNA, the leader in intelligent cloud-based supply chain analytics, today announced the availability of new multi-site visibility that brings together all manufacturing sites into one dashboard, compatible with all major ERP systems. These capabilities provide manufacturers with a comprehensive, real-time analysis of inventory and allocation issues — creating a multi-site view, no matter how many different ERP systems lie underneath each individual factory.

While most operators have visibility into single critical systems, until today, supply chain views were limited to single sites. Integrated into LeanDNA’s flagship product, Factory Analytics, manufacturers now gain access to cross-site analytics that address interruptions such as shortages at one site being addressed by a sister site with excess material.

“Before implementing LeanDNA’s multi-cross site visibility, we were sitting at a less than optimal customer delivery rate, and each site varied wildly from the next one in their performance,” said Scott Spencer, VP of Supply Chain at Safran-Zodiac Aerospace. “Now, we’re up in the 90s and continue to close the gap, something we’ve achieved in less than a year. LeanDNA allows us to not only standardize the work from one factory to another, but also to easily share best practices and identify immediate opportunities to positively impact our core metrics.”

LeanDNA’s cross-site visibility analytics provide a single, aggregate data view of all sites that is updated dynamically. The new features also gives the ability to manage vendor master data for real-time, comparable insights. Applying best practice supply chain methodologies developed in working with world class operations, supply chain executives gain access to key metrics including supply chain health, cross-site collaboration, and price point optimization.

“Applying analytics to data across multiple sites is driving an exponential increase in supply chain performance,” said Richard Lebovitz, CEO of LeanDNA. “It’s exciting to work with top manufacturers around the world and implement tools with proven abilities to reduce working capital while generating value for their customers.”

With the new product features, LeanDNA users can expect to gain improved exception management views that help operators prioritize specific delivery issues using filters to highlight or distill information. This gives manufacturers proactive multi-site visibility and connection over the customer experience, solving potential issues before they become costly problems while standardizing data.

LeanDNA connects to every system, to provide out of the box analytics and create standardized work across all sites while delivering inventory analytics designed to maximize performance across the supply chain. Our solution empowers factories to reduce inventory, drive down costs, and improve operations through purpose-built SaaS technology. To learn more about how cross-site visibility can benefit your supply chain today schedule a 30-minute demo of LeanDNA.

About LeanDNA

LeanDNA makes manufacturing and supply chain decisions simple with predictive analytics and proactive task recommendations. Integrating quickly and seamlessly with any ERP, LeanDNA’s cloud-based platform enables supply chain leaders to reduce shortages, improve inventory turns, and gain visibility into today’s most complex operations. Join thousands of users globally using LeanDNA.