2022 State of Supply Chain Webinar: Meet Our Panel of Industry Experts

In 2022, manufacturers are still reeling from the ongoing effects of COVID-19, unprecedented global supply chain disruptions, and overburdened planning and procurement teams. Manufacturers trying to deliver on-time and grow their revenue have to navigate increasingly complex supply chain challenges, highly customized orders, intricate sub-assemblies from a more global supplier base, and more. 

To address these mounting challenges, we held a roundtable webinar on March 2ndfeaturing LeanDNA’s Richard Lebovitz, the Association for Manufacturing Excellence’s (AME) Robert Martichenko, and Deloitte Consulting’s Louis Librandi, and hosted by LeanDNA’s Kamalina Srikant. Our panel of experts dove into the results from the recently published “State of Supply Chain in the New Shortage Economy” report, and discussed the current pain points, opportunities, and approaches in manufacturing and supply chain. Additionally, they shared how to overcome the barriers to factory transformation and navigate the new shortage economy.

Meet the Speakers

Richard Lebovitz

Richard Lebovitz is the founder and CEO of LeanDNA, a cloud-based actionable intelligence platform, built by lean experts with powerful analytics and best practices operational dashboards. Requiring no on-premise software, it’s quick to implement and provides seamless integration with your current ERP system.

Prior to LeanDNA, Richard was the founder and CEO of Austin based Factory Logic, Inc. (acquired by SAP), which he started in 1997. He built Factory Logic into a leading provider of software that models the Toyota Production System, and won the Shingo Prize for Manufacturing Excellence in 2001. His unique experience bridges the world of shop-floor manufacturing and supply chain with on-demand analytical tools to support analysis and lean execution. He has led lean conversion projects in 15 countries that involved converting traditional enterprises to Lean manufacturing. Richard is also a board member for the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME).

Robert Martichenko

Robert Martichenko is a business leader, author, speaker, educator, and strategic advisor. He serves as a director-at-large on the AME board of directors.

As a business leader with an entrepreneurial focus, Martichenko spent over fifteen years as the founder and CEO of the LeanCor Supply Chain Group. LeanCor was acquired by Transplace (Uber Freight) in 2020, and he subsequently transitioned to strategic advisory work in early 2022.

In addition, Martichenko has created TrailPaths to focus on research and education to better understand the people and human side of lean thinking, leadership, and workforce development. In particular, he is working with like-minded professionals to trailblaze the paths that will help organizations and individuals to develop, engage within and sustain meaningful work environments and cultures of respect. This work is looking into the past, present and future to disseminate and leverage our “Lessons in Lean relative to the Human Spectrum.”

Louis Librandi

Louis Librandi is a principal of Deloitte Consulting LLP focused on the manufacturing sector and a leader in the firm’s Supply Chain and Network Operations practice. He is a manufacturing professional with more than 25 years of experience in smart operations and supply chain management. Librandi consistently demonstrates the ability to address the heart of business operational challenges—executing manufacturing strategies, improving operations, reducing cost, increasing speed to market, and enhancing supply chain performance. His extensive industry and consulting experience includes a wide variety of products and spans work in multiple countries.

He has spent most of his career focused on the automotive, aerospace, and industrial products sectors in roles across operations, quality, and complex program management. His area of expertise is the optimization of complex supply chains extending from product development through operations and delivery. He leads Smart Factory efforts at original equipment manufacturers to improve near-term performance and step change transformation across the entire value chain.

Kamalina Srikant

With early career experience in manufacturing and production, Kamalina has worked in Product Management and Marketing for hardware and software products, with focuses in automotive, aerospace, embedded vision, medical devices, unified communications, and more.  Kamalina is also certified in Value Engineering, and today leads LeanDNA’s marketing efforts, and will be moderating this panel discussion.

To hear what our speakers had to say about the New Shortage Economy, check out the recording of the webinar below.