Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including without limitation Client’s payment of all of the fees due hereunder, LeanDNA shall provide each Client Authorized User with a current subscription with access to the LeanDNA Platform, in each case on a non-exclusive, non-transferable basis during the term of this Agreement or the applicable subscription. During the term of such subscription, each such Authorized User may use the LeanDNA Platform and any accompanying user documentation and materials for Client’s internal use.


Client agrees not to access, copy, modify, reverse engineer, sublicense or distribute any portion of the LeanDNA Platform other than as required for permitted use hereunder, use the LeanDNA Platform to provide services to third parties, obtain, or assist others in obtaining access to the LeanDNA Platform, or create derivative works of the LeanDNA Platform. Client’s parent or affiliates and the employees and consultants thereof are not permitted use of the LeanDNA Platform hereunder.


LeanDNA Reserves all rights in and to the LeanDNA Platform and all related Intellectual Property Rights not expressly granted under this Agreement. If Client, or any Authorized User, submits comments, suggestions, or other feedback regarding the LeanDNA Platform, LeanDNA will be free to use such Feedback for any purpose and without restriction