Inventory Optimization Workflows for Every Role

Turn your inventory plans into consistent daily execution

LeanDNA empowers your inventory team with the industry’s only best-practice workflows built for every level of the procurement organization. Standardize work, establish operational command, and boost productivity with prioritized daily recommendations—at your fingertips and configured for your business.

You can use LeanDNA to:

  • Standardize work and take control of inventory 
  • Automatically prioritize and consolidate top daily inventory actions for each level of the procurement organization
  • Make timely decisions to reduce excess inventory and prevent critical shortages
  • Embed lean manufacturing best practices in daily operations

Take control of inventory to unlock new operational efficiencies

Standardize team processes

Ensure team members are moving in the same direction with repeatable, consistent processes across your organization—which means leaders and managers can track goals and progress.

Simplify and focus daily work

Role-based workflows are configured to your organization’s measurable goals, ensuring inventory teams stay focused on the most valuable tasks each day.

Embed inventory best practices

Sidestep change-management challenges by equipping your teams with a solution that has supply-chain best practices built in and tuned to your organization.

Boost productivity

Empower teams to prevent shortages and uncover savings quickly by eliminating manual analysis, providing a holistic view of inventory, and automatically surfacing part-level details.

Inventory optimization workflows built for every role





Prioritized actions surfaced daily

Equip team members every morning with an automated, prioritized list of inventory actions in LeanDNA’s My Work—eliminating hours of manual analysis and siloed decision making.

A holistic view of inventory operations

Robust item data provides a clear picture of what is happening with every part. Teams can view a detailed Supply & Demand view that includes actionable recommendations to expedite, split, or cancel individual POs, as well as update the status and collaborate with colleagues.

Projected inventory opportunities for sustainable results

Proactively monitor and drill down into the Inventory Optimization view to see potential improvement opportunities based on the achievable, prescribed actions LeanDNA supplies.

Standard work, configured for your organization

Tune prescribed actions to best practices and company objectives—such as operational excellence, inventory reduction, or shortage prevention initiatives—to drive productive processes and track progress across your organization.

The secret to agile supply chains

Today’s market is volatile, and sometimes the best-laid plans can’t keep up with day-to-day change. LeanDNA is empowering manufacturers across the globe with the focused, prioritized workflows their teams need to execute today.

Read how ECI’s inventory team prioritized critical shortage actions to reduce shortages 60 percent in six months.

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