Integra’s Doug Dollberg, Leader of Growth

The LeanDNA-List celebrates the hard work of our customers, who day-in and day-out work to optimize inventory, reduce shortages, and empower their companies to operate more efficiently. These winners represent the tenacious, knowledgeable, and hands-on users and champions of LeanDNA. 

“Doug is awesome to work with! He creates an organized path of communication between us and his team and really takes ownership of learning and championing the tool. It really shows in their results and in the updates we’ve made to the platform because of his feedback and diligence in usage. He’s a great partner to the company.” 

Cameron Chen, LeanDNA Customer Success Manager

When we began working with Integra LifeSciences—an innovative world leader in medical devices—the team was focused on alignment and visibility. Previously, inventory results from each site lived in hand-crafted Excel sheets that quickly became outdated before they could be finalized, making them virtually useless. In a quickly shifting industry with unpredictable customer demands, we believe visibility is a cornerstone for manufacturers to proactively plan for these changes. Doug Dollberg, Leader of Global Operations Excellence at Integra, believed the same, and was pivotal in the integration of LeanDNA as he adopted our lean framework and helped bring together people, platforms, and processes to reach their goals.

Doug and his team at Integra have since used LeanDNA to track and visualize all data in one place, as well as track KPIs and highlight opportunities where the team should focus their attention. Doug led the growth and championed the platform’s usage to reach one of the highest user engagement rates we’ve seen. Since 2017, the team has saved $10 million in projects alone.

The LeanDNA platform has been a great enabler for our Continuous Improvement program. Timely visibility to our performance metrics and project activities helps us stay focused on the right priorities. Cameron and the support team have provided excellent support, rapidly responding to all our needs. Way to go team!

Douglas Dollberg, Integra LifeSciences Global Operations Excellence Leader

Champions like Doug are leading the way through the transformation of procurement processes in the supply chain. LeanDNA has also benefited from his dedication, leading to multiple improvements in our platform for the medical device industry. As we work to empower people who plan, buy, and manage supply chain inventory in the world’s top manufacturing facilities, people like Doug Dollberg help us take the incremental steps to make it happen. Thanks for your hard work, Doug!

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