Parlez-Vous Français? LeanDNA is now Available in French!

Bonjour! Each day, LeanDNA sets out to delight customers and improve inventory reduction, shortage management, and lean projects in supply chains around the world. To support our global clients, we’re always making improvements and additions to the tool. Today, we are excited to announce that LeanDNA now offers French language support!

France is the world’s fourth largest industrial producer, and manufacturing serves as the nation’s primary source of export income. Leading manufacturing sectors in the country include food products, aerospace and defense, automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and more. With a number French-speaking sites already using LeanDNA, the French language is a welcome addition to our software.

French joins English and Chinese as officially supported languages within LeanDNA. So if you want to reduce jours d’inventaire (days of inventory), 查看采购人员表现 (view buyer performance), or use predictive analytics to improve order policies, LeanDNA has you covered. The tool also automatically converts languages and currencies, so sites using different languages can still take advantage of of LeanDNA’s site-to-site connectivity.

If you are interested in improving your performance de la chaîne d’approvisionnement with LeanDNA in French, schedule some time with one of our product experts today.