Case Study: An Interview With Graco Supply Company’s Director of IT

What does a LeanDNA implementation look like from an IT team’s perspective? LeanDNA has a lot of upside for inventory reduction and shortage management, but many people are wary of the process of launching new supply chain software. We sat down with Jason Irvan, Director of Information Technology at Graco Supply Company, in our newest case study for a first-hand look into how easy a LeanDNA implementation can be.

“[LeanDNA’s implementation was] amazing,” says Irvan. “I have not dealt with this level of professionalism from an implementation team in a long time… LeanDNA went above and beyond any team I’ve worked with in probably a decade.”

In the case study, Irvan shared that it only took a few hours of his and a Database Analyst’s time to implement LeanDNA. Since the implementation that Irvan described as “simple,” LeanDNA has driven tens of thousands of dollars in inventory savings in just the last few months. In addition, the IT team was able to cancel a large data warehousing project. “Because LeanDNA addressed our need and filled the void in the system, we didn’t have to develop and architect this cube.”

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