You’re considering an advanced supply chain analytics and decision support tool, but how do you know you will get the value you expect as soon as possible? Ad-hoc spreadsheet and macro solutions require weeks or even months to code, implement, and learn to use effectively. Not to mention that most complex spreadsheet systems don’t deliver the needed results.

LeanDNA is different.

You will start seeing actionable insights within a few days and your teams will be up and running within four weeks! It’s as easy to use as an everyday web app on the device of your choice, which means users are working strategically and making more profitable decisions after one training session. Access the power of LeanDNA from the computer or smartphone of your choice.

Take a look at a typical implementation process for a LeanDNA customer.


“LeanDNA’s implementation was amazing. I have not dealt with this level of professionalism from an implementation team in a long time… Issues were resolved quickly and communicated clearly. LeanDNA went above and beyond any team I’ve worked with in probably a decade.”

~Director of IT at a Global Aerospace Company


Week 1: Let’s Get Connected

You and your team have decided to work with LeanDNA and are ready to get started with the implementation. We’ll need some time within the first week with your IT team, specifically the person(s) who has ownership of the ERP and the associated database. How much time? Not much. It often comes as a surprise that we need an average of 8 hours of time from your IT group. We provide the data mapping specific to your ERP, they create the connection points we require and grant access to the LeanDNA Factory Analytics platform using LeanDNA Connect. Once this process is complete, we head into the data validation stage together. This critical next step ensures that every report provides the truth behind your inventory.

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Weeks 2-3: Get Your Data Right

Once data mapping is complete, your team will move into the Data Validation phase. Over the course of the next ten days, our Customer Success Engineers work closely with your teams to ensure that the information you see and use every day is accurate.

Once LeanDNA is configured to collect data from your ERP, it’s time to flag inaccurate or missing data and do cleanup where necessary. Many customers use LeanDNA during an ERP transition specifically for this purpose: to identify – and clean out – bad data that resides within the ERP. Depending on your company’s maturity with its ERP implementation, we’ll help you through the process and tailor validation and cleanup activities to meet your needs.

Your assigned Customer Success Manager will continue partnering closely with your supply chain managers, procurement managers, buyers, and planners to implement best practices and to make sure your data is clean and accurate. Users are now ready to begin using LeanDNA through their own custom dashboards.

An IT Director’s View of LeanDNA Implementation



Weeks 3-4: Training Day

Your data is clean and LeanDNA is configured to deliver the insights you need to drive real results. Now it’s time for training. Many enterprise software solutions require weeks or even months of training for users to be proficient. Not LeanDNA! We’ve designed our solution to be as easy to use as a standard web app. Most users are up and going after just one training session. Your Customer Success Manager ensures that your teams are using best practices and are taking ownership of their goals. As we move into week four, your teams are learning how to use LeanDNA to work strategically and make smarter, more profitable decisions.



Week 4: Time to Set Your Goals

During the final portion of Week 4, you will set the tone for the future by setting strategic goals and critical KPIs for each team. Executives, Directors, Managers, Planners, and Buyers work with our team to set goals for inventory reduction, days of inventory, shortage management, and much more. This is one of the most critical phases of implementation because goals drive user adoption and engagement. Your company’s future success with LeanDNA starts with aggressively pursuing strategic goals.

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Week 4+: Deliver Bottom-Line Results

Congratulations! You and your teams are trained and ready to work strategically toward real improvement in your supply chain. We’re not going anywhere; your Customer Success Manager continues to work closely with all users to monitor KPIs and drive user adoption at every level of the organization. That individual will stay with you every step of the way. We partner with you to conduct weekly meetings and more formal reviews monthly, quarterly, and annually. Your metrics are our metrics, and your success is our success. We will continue working alongside your teams to make sure you see the results you expect!

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The Bottom Line

When purchasing a software solution, you want to see the value of your investment immediately. Most ad-hoc spreadsheet and macro solutions require months of build-out and major financial investment on the front end – not to mention all the training time that’s required! LeanDNA starts collecting your ERP data within the first few days, and is completely operational in four weeks or less. Your teams will be making smarter, faster, more profitable decisions in no time.