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PSG Dover’s Nick Salmon: Empathetic Visionary Supply Chain Leader

Nick Salmon at PSG Dover: Visionary Supply Chain Leader

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The LeanDNA-List celebrates the hard work of our customers, who day-in and day-out work to optimize inventory, reduce shortages, and empower their companies to operate more efficiently. These winners represent the tenacious, knowledgeable, and hands-on users and champions of LeanDNA. 

“Nick has a strong vision for the future of PSG. He doesn’t just want the best for his team; he works every day to bridge the gap between corporate and the frontlines to help the organization as a whole grow. His engagement with our platform and outstanding leadership illustrate that every time we collaborate.” 

Brian Graham, LeanDNA Customer Success Manager

After serving as a Captain in the U.S. Army, Nick Salmon, Senior Director of Operations and Supply Chain at PSG Dover, transitioned his career into supply chain and continuous improvement. With a decade of supply chain experience under his belt, the skills and strategies from his military background certainly drive his work: Tangible pay-offs from task accomplishment, a connection between strong processes and successful outputs, and—most notably—the importance of an empowered team who puts in a good day of work. After working with Nick for five months, it is clear to the team at LeanDNA that he brings his process-oriented, people-first leadership style into his work as a procurement professional. And the success shows.

At PSG Dover, an organization rooted in a culture of continuous improvement, Nick is responsible for driving long-term operational advancements. In 2019, Nick identified the need to increase turns and improve on-time delivery for two of PSG’s largest sites. Their challenge? Visibility into shortages and inventory placement. (As Nick noted, “We needed to see where we have inventory in the wrong places.”)

“In every location and every industry, I focus on making people’s jobs easier by understanding their work and how to leverage continuous improvement strategies. If you approach supply chain the right way and introduce new processes well into the four walls of a building, opportunities will unlock. LeanDNA gives me the ability to have intelligent conversations remotely and makes our work less reactive. It gives me time back to focus on other issues and act strategically.”

Nick Salmon, PSG Dover’s Senior Director of Operations and Supply Chain

With team empowerment and processes in mind, Nick sought out a way to understand his buyers’ challenges and identify opportunities to help them—both with process changes and with the tools they needed to succeed. He brought on LeanDNA, and, because of his focus on people, buyers at PSG Dover now “feel relaxed knowing they can anticipate the business needs before they’re needed.” Empowering the team of buyers subsequently empowered his own role as well: Nick and his fellow executives now have productive, well-prepared conversations with their sites remotely, allowing for more strategic thinking in their roles. PSG Dover is on its way to continued growth and innovations, and it all started with Nick Salmon’s humble and empathetic approach to empower the people around him.

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