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LeanDNA in the News: Richard Lebovitz Shares His Startup Strategy with ThriveGlobal

LeanDNA's CEO Shares His Startup Strategy with ThriveGlobal

LeanDNA in the news! Recently, LeanDNA Founder and CEO Richard Lebovitz was interviewed by Yitzi Weiner of ThriveGlobal to share his experience in entrepreneurship and in leading manufacturing digital transformations worldwide for supply chains for the last 25 years. Explore the highlights from that interview below or read the full article at ThriveGlobal.

  • The most successful companies have a few metrics they use to drive and align the entire business.
  • Want to be a successful startup? Take Richard’s advice: don’t try to be better, be different. “ If you’re trying to be better than the biggest competitor, it’s almost impossible to win as a start-up,” Lebovitz told ThriveGlobal. “If you really want to compete and grow, you need to focus on being different, not better.”
  • Richard’s biggest tip for CEOs: Treat the money you raise as if it were your own. “As soon as you lose site of watching the dollars, it’s easy to not only burn cash but lose sight of what’s critical for any healthy business, which is revenue and customers.”
  • Favorite quote: “Set tough goals and be a good coach.”
  • The best way to make radical change is to set radical goals.


LeanDNA received the supplier innovation award from Spirit Aerosystems.

Since 2018, Spirit AeroSystems has relied on LeanDNA’s solution to help solve common, discrete manufacturing challenges, including timely delivery of highly customized products; increased reliability on globalized supply; and dramatic rate changes. After working together to combat the challenges escalated by the pandemic, the partnership between LeanDNA and Spirit Aerosystems has reached new heights.
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It’s in our DNA.

Our four core values—fire in the belly, one team, relentless curiosity, and unwavering humility—are reflected in the work in each and every one of our Leaniacs. These Leaniacs, however, went above and beyond, so to honor their accomplishments we are shining a spotlight on some of our hard working employees this summer.
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