Total Inventory Visibility and Operational Command

Are you managing millions of dollars of inventory with outdated spreadsheets? 

You can’t control what you can’t see. LeanDNA seamlessly consolidates, harmonizes, and analyzes disparate inventory and demand data and KPIs across sites and sources. Reduce offline spreadsheets and cumbersome manual analysis with real-time data, out-of-the-box dashboards, and configurable report views.

Use LeanDNA to:

  • Gain end-to-end inventory and shortage visibility 
  • Standardize information and analysis across your business
  • Surface root causes and data inaccuracies automatically 
  • Uncover future opportunities to reduce excess and prevent shortages

Total inventory visibility and a foundation for agile supply chains

Establish Operational Command

Connect, track, and improve accountability across all of your sites—no matter how many or how far. See actions, collaborate, and prioritize issues for each member of the team.

Empower faster daily decision making 

Up-and-running in just five weeks, teams immediately benefit from secure nightly data syncs to incorporate the latest demand changes and historical actions, ensuring teams quickly feel confident in daily decisions.

Say goodbye to analysis paralysis

Stop wasting time building and analyzing inventory in Excel. Automate analysis so your teams can focus on executing the top priorities to free up working capital.

Get to the root cause, fast

Part-level historical data-logging enables root cause analysis tied to every KPI and recommendation—putting the right context in the hands of your decision makers.

See tomorrow’s savings opportunities today

Proactively identify future optimization opportunities and the actions your teams should take to get there. 

More than just a pretty dashboard

AI-driven prescriptive analytics and automation goes beyond BI-caliber visualization.

pre-built ERP connections
average SKUs harmonized and consolidated
countries connected
average number of buyers and suppliers connected through LeanDNA
0 %
average inventory reduction after one year
1 %
critical shortage reduction after a year

Role-based interactive dashboards

Pre-built metrics for each role, based on industry best practices, are built into out-of-the-box report views and KPI dashboards you can configure to your company’s needs. Get a prioritized list of items impacting each metric along with item master data, supply and demand information, root cause analysis, status updates, task owner, comment history, and more. 

Standardized global views and templates

Views and dashboards can be saved and shared with colleagues and teams, creating a single source of truth for real-time collaboration, analysis, and alignment on critical KPIs across the organization.

Data validation and accuracy

Nightly data syncs uncover data inaccuracies fast. Issues, such as incorrect order policy settings, are automatically surfaced and prioritized so they can be promptly addressed. 

Forward-looking inventory optimization opportunities

Proactively monitor and drill down into the Inventory Optimization view to see potential improvement opportunities based on the AI-driven achievable actions LeanDNA prescribes and assigns daily.

LeanDNA Connect

The standardized supply chain data model and ERP connector, LeanDNA Connect, works for any ERP system. Plus, utilize one of the 20+ pre-built integrations and data maps for leading ERP systems, including SAP, Infor, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and many more. 

Robust filters and segmentation 

Robust report views and dashboard filters allow data segmentation by BU, site, product line, buyer, supplier, task owner, and more—so you can slice and dice your dashboards and reports with one click. 

The secret to agile supply chains

Better informed decisions, accurate daily information, and a standard reporting methodology across teams, sites, and systems form the foundation for an agile inventory operation. When teams make faster, data-driven decisions, they can drive more value.   


Read how E-One’s team gained inventory visibility and drove a 36 percent shortage reduction after just 7 months.

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