• AUSTIN, Texas – Oct. 13, 2022 — LeanDNA, a leading inventory optimization, and execution platform congratulate HNI for their 2022 NextGen End User Award for Analytics. This year’s award winners were announced in Supply Chain Management Review on Sept. 16. HNI will be recognized at the NextGen Supply Chain Conference in Chicago on Tuesday, Oct. 18 along with three other end-user companies and four solution providers. Jay A. Senatra, Director of Supply Chain for HNI Corporation, will be speaking at the event and sharing the company’s success story. 

    “It’s a pleasure to recognize supply chain teams like HNI and LeanDNA that are effectively using technology to improve performance dramatically,” said Bob Trebilcock, editorial director of Supply Chain Management Review. “This award recognizes the importance of collaboration in driving digital transformation and as a competitive differentiator.”

    HNI is a global leader and premier supplier of office furniture, fireplaces, and heating stoves. With a team of expert analysts and managers, the company manages 400 suppliers and procures 400,000 different parts. As a leading manufacturer of business and residential building products, HNI’s highly complex manufacturing process is about 95% build-to-order with a high number of SKUs and customizable options. LeanDNA provides comprehensive shortage visibility, allowing HNI to accurately assess, identify, and manage inventory to improve on-time delivery.

    “LeanDNA has powered an incredible step forward for HNI, providing us with the ability to pivot through unpredictable times and innovate in the factory when it’s been needed most. We now have days or even weeks to solve the problems before they happen versus having to solve the issues after they’ve occurred. We can get a sense of where the trend is heading and get in front of it.”

    Jay Senatra
    Director of Supply Chain, HNI

    LeanDNA was honored with the NextGen Solution Provider Award for Analytics in 2020, and CEO Richard Lebovitz participated in a panel discussion to share his experience with conference attendees. 

    “We’re honored to play a part in our customers’ supply chain optimization journey, and are looking forward to hearing more about the stories they have to tell. HNI is a fantastic example of successful supply chain management in practice.”

    Richard Lebovitz
    Founder and CEO of LeanDNA

    Learn more about how HNI has improved on-time and completed shipment rates by 20% in this recent case study.

    About The NextGen Supply Chain Conference

    The NextGen Supply Chain Conference will take place on Oct. 17-19 at the Chicago Athletic Association. Geared to senior-level SCM professionals, the theme of the event is “What’s next in supply chain management.” This year’s NextGen Supply Chain Conference will focus on the emerging supply chain technologies that are powering tomorrow’s supply chains, and enabling the digital transformation of supply chain processes. The Conference is owned and operated by Peerless Media, a leading provider of independent business content and information serving the supply chain, logistics, materials handling, and design engineering industries. 

    About LeanDNA 

    LeanDNA is a leading inventory optimization and execution platform that is solving the execution gap in the supply chain. This cloud-based platform synchronizes execution across the supply chain, empowering manufacturers to prioritize and collaborate to resolve critical material shortages and excesses. With LeanDNA, manufacturers in industries that include aerospace, industrial, automotive, and medical know they will get the right part in the right place at the right time. Learn more at leandna.com.

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