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Ben Galka and the Terumo team build a foundation for growth—one step at a time

The LeanDNA-List celebrates the hard work of our customers, who day-in and day-out work to optimize inventory, reduce shortages, and empower their companies to operate more efficiently. These winners represent the tenacious, knowledgeable, and hands-on users and champions of LeanDNA. 

“Ben is always looking for ways to set his team up for long-term success. He’s taken ownership of proliferating LeanDNA as a single source of truth and the primary tool driving buyers’ decisions. His deliberate, forward-thinking approach creates a high-performing and empowered buying team. He continues to drive Terumo’s supply chain operation forward.”

Nominator Cameron Chen, CS Engineer, LeanDNA

Ben Galka is a long-term thinker. As Terumo BCT builds a foundation for continued growth and a future-proofed inventory management operation, Galka approaches his role as Direct Procurement Manager with energy and deliberation. With LeanDNA in his toolbox, he charismatically leads the procurement team through a supply chain transformation by approaching the project in small, manageable tasks, re-envisioning the mountain of work on buyers’ desks into approachable daily actions. This approach allows for continuous improvements and growth, as well as autonomy and empowerment for his team of buyers.

Galka describes approaching a large project with a metaphor:

“One of my favorite sayings is, ‘The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.’ There is so much to do every day, the amount of work on a buyer can feel overwhelming. LeanDNA breaks the work down into manageable bites that anyone can work on.”

These manageable bites are pivotal for continued growth and to avoid stalled progress. With forward-looking shortage reports and the tools to help his team identify opportunities and take action, he’s equipped to reduce costs and build an agile team ready for anything.

“We’re investing in the future,” Galka says, “So of course, every nickel you have tied in inventory is a nickel you can’t spend planning for the future.”

“I really appreciate LeanDNA and how it’s helping our team focus on the most important actions every morning. I’ve always been a fan of using software to solve big problems. LeanDNA breaks the impactful work down into manageable chunks that anyone can work on and surfaces those to our team. It continues to help us move forward and really get things done.”

Ben Galka, Direct Procurement Manager, Terumo BCT

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