LeanDNA Expands Factory Optimization Footprint in Industrial and High-Tech Manufacturing with Three Customer Additions

AUSTIN, Texas (Dec. 03, 2019)—LeanDNA, a purpose-built analytics platform for factory inventory management, announced today it is expanding its portfolio in the industrial and high-tech manufacturing industries with the addition of HySecurity, PSG Dover and Electrical Components International, Inc. (ECI). They are the latest manufacturing leaders to join LeanDNA’s growing customer base spanning aerospace and defense, medical devices and other manufacturing sectors that are revolutionizing factory inventory management.

Supply chain experts report companies undergoing complete digital transformations—those leveraging technology to enable automated transactions and workflows—can reach cost savings of 45 percent or higher. As globalization and customization demands rise, manufacturers like HySecurity, PSG Dover and ECI who replace manual, cumbersome procurement actions with automated, data-driven recommendations at the factory level will experience swift shortage reductions, improved on-time delivery rates and significant cost savings through inventory optimization.

“LeanDNA provided immediate enhancements to the HySecurity purchasing team’s ability to make sound decisions,” said Brandon Mambelli, vice president of operations and supply chain for HySecurity. “Historically, we struggled to develop accurate reporting and inventory tracking mechanisms in house. LeanDNA’s visual and easy-to-understand metrics have helped drive $1 million in inventory reductions since its implementation. We are confident we made the right decision by implementing LeanDNA and look forward to future enhancements to help further drive innovation within our supply chain management team.”

Other customers utilizing LeanDNA’s collaborative analytics software include companies such as Spirit AeroSystems, Safran, Morgan Advanced Materials and JR Automation.

“We’re excited to work with leaders like HySecurity, PSG Dover and ECI to alleviate problems throughout their entire supply chain with our factory-first procurement approach,” said Richard Lebovitz, CEO of LeanDNA. “Factories will soon become the epicenter for improving end-to-end supply chain operations for manufacturers across the globe. By investing in the factory management level of the supply chain, manufacturers will reduce inventory, free up working capital and thrive in an increasingly complex and globalized market.”

For more information about LeanDNA, visit www.leandna.com.

About LeanDNA

LeanDNA builds software for factories across the globe. With a deep focus on making inventory analytics automated, actionable and collaborative, LeanDNA enables manufacturers to optimize inventory, avoid shortages and stay on-time with customers. The LeanDNA platform promotes visibility and standardization across systems, suppliers and sites, unlocking working capital for the business. For more information about the Austin, Texas-based company, visit www.leandna.com.

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