Manage Your Inventory Operations Remotely with LeanDNA

The LeanDNA team is here to support your business in the coming weeks and months, as global teams shift to remote-work arrangements in the interest of health and safety.

Below are a few ways LeanDNA can help your team collaborate effectively when you can’t meet face-to-face.

Standardize Workflows and Remote Meetings with Dashboards and Saved Report Views

For daily or weekly remote video conference calls, help everyone refer to the same data by aligning your teams around a set of standardized dashboard views. Identify the critical set of widgets each stakeholder should review in the remote meeting. This could be certain widgets for managers, a different set for buyers, and another set for analysts. The key is for everyone to standardize their widgets and the order of review so you can make the most of your time in remote meetings.

Use My Views to customize and save the reports that are most important to you so you have them at your fingertips in recurring remote meetings. This lets you standardize the way you’re reviewing metrics at each recurring check-in and helps all the key players work from a consistent data set. For example, customize and save your shortage report with the filters and columns set for review with a specific supplier or customer, or for your remote team’s regular internal review.

Prioritize and Simplify Daily Work with the Buyer Dashboard

For buyers, working remotely can make it even more challenging to know which tasks to knock out first each day. Use the Buyer Dashboard—now added to every buyer’s list of dashboards—to focus your daily workflow on the most critical items first. This dashboard is pre-configured with all the filters relevant to you and your work, so you don’t have to spend time setting it up or customizing it. It includes widgets that surface the top inventory reduction and shortage management actions for your items. You can rely on this resource to simplify and focus your efforts in stressful times.

Track Results with the Buyer Performance Dashboard

If you’re a procurement manager or team lead, use the Buyer Performance dashboard to keep a pulse on which team members need additional support or mentoring while everyone’s working remotely. The dashboard makes it simple to track business results, wins, and risks across your procurement team, and can highlight instances where buyer workloads could be rebalanced.

Manage Accountability with Procurement Tasks

When working in distributed teams, accountability is crucial. Incorporate Procurement Tasks into team workflows to keep activities moving forward while team members are working remotely. Assign owners, categories, and due dates to critical items related to excess or shortages. Note that procurement tasks are already incorporated directly into all of our reports, including our Shortages By Item report.

Adapt to Demand Changes with Inventory Actions

As demand becomes more volatile, consistently using LeanDNA Inventory Actions will help your distributed team proactively stay on top of prioritized adjustments to supply and ERP replenishment settings. Manage accountability by using the Responsible column to assign an action’s owner, and use comments to add additional context when needed. Your team can update an action’s status in-line, by using the Last Comment column.

For more best practices on working in LeanDNA remotely, email customer success or reach out directly to your dedicated customer success manager. Our team is here to help however we can.