Careers: Marketing Campaigns Manager

Who is LeanDNA?

LeanDNA is helping solve the $150B problem that global manufacturers face – too much inventory. Excess inventory ties up critical working capital and keeps manufacturing companies from being as efficient as they should be. Similarly, these companies are faced with operational fires related to critical inventory shortages – creating delays in delivering their product to customers on time. Without an effective way to optimize inventory, manufacturers are buying too much, not enough, or it’s in the wrong place at the wrong time.

LeanDNA’s cloud-based analytics platform provides operational efficiency and improves on-time delivery by arming Supply Chain teams with data and actions aimed at reducing shortages, optimizing inventory, and improving work. The platform utilizes predictive and prescriptive analytics to support inventory decisions, find opportunities to get ahead of future shortages and drive collaboration across teams, suppliers, and factory sites.

Marketing Campaigns Manager Job Description

LeanDNA is looking for a dynamic marketer to join our small, but mighty and growing, demand generation team. This person will build and execute campaigns and programs that support revenue growth and pipeline metrics aligned with LeanDNA’s go-to-market strategy, corporate objectives, and sales goals.

Core to this role is building and accelerating acquisition and expansion sales pipeline. This position will report to our senior growth marketing manager and will work in close partnership with the brand and communications manager, content marketing manager, and sales team to generate and execute integrated demand-gen and account-based marketing campaigns. You’ll measure what works and scale successful tactics and messages out to broader target segments. The ideal candidate has experience with lead-generation, lead-nurturing, and account-based marketing programs.

Responsibilities for Marketing Campaigns Manager:

  • Work with key stakeholders to help develop campaigns that engage and nurture target accounts within tiered account segments to generate a consistent flow of marketing-engaged accounts and marketing-qualified leads to the sales team
  • Ideate and write campaign materials to support account-based marketing, content marketing, and awareness tactics, including emails, landing pages, digital ads, direct mail materials, and others, as needed
  • Execute integrated, multichannel demand-gen and account-based marketing campaigns that align with the LeanDNA buyer’s journey, from engagement to close
  • Build, execute, and measure multi-touch lead-nurture programs—segmented by industry and persona—to progress leads through the buyer’s journey, and ultimately shorten our average enterprise sales cycle length
  • Measure the success of messages, tactics, channels, and a/b tests weekly, and report campaign results to marketing, sales, and other business stakeholders at a regular cadence, making recommendations for how results can inform strategy
  • Identify the channels (email, advertising, website, social, etc.) that maximize reach and generate the best-quality leads, and ideate new tactics to generate leads through each
  • Collaborate with marketing, sales, client success, and executive stakeholders on tactical campaign planning, with regular check-ins to recalibrate channels, tactics, and budget

Requirements for Marketing Campaigns Manager:

  • 3-5 years in B2B marketing with demonstrated experience executing and optimizing a variety of campaign activities across multiple channels (preferably including email, direct mail, paid media, website
  • Experience in channel management and performance, ROI measurement, and tracking
  • Penchant for creative problem solving
  • Collaborative cross-team influencer
  • Detail oriented, self-motivated, and proactive
  • Working knowledge of demand generation technology stack including Salesforce, marketing automation (Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua), account-based advertising (Terminus, DemandBase, Rollworks), programmatic ad platforms, intent measurement (Bombora), direct mail automation (Sendoso), and Google Analytics
  • Excellent organizational, written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong analytical acumen and ability to prioritize
  • Ability to execute programs on time, on budget, and with existing resources
  • Demonstrated success with end-to-end campaign design, rollout, and project management
  • Familiarity with both inbound (web, search, social) and outbound channels (ads, events, sales outreach, email, partner channels, content syndication) and an understanding of how they can work together to form an optimal channel mix

Key KPIs for Marketing Campaigns Manager:

  • Marketing-engaged target accounts
  • Leads and MQLs
  • New opportunity generation
  • Opportunity conversion to sales accepted
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Cost-per-lead and cost-per-opportunity
  • Channel efficacy

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