2022 Gartner Supply Chain Symposium: Key Insights and Takeaways

Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Recap

The severity of the various supply chain disruptions have contributed a new set of challenges for manufacturers across industries. The impacts of these supply chain predicaments have forced organizations to pivot and adapt to ongoing, unpredictable changes. For leadership to expand their visibility and enhance team collaboration, they must re-calibrate their supply chain.


Factory Management Focus Area #1: Total sight into your actionable data

In this continued series, we’re talking about the three must-haves of a successful factory management operation. First up: Total visibility into trusted, actionable data (not just siloed data that tells you where things are struggling). 


The Four Focus Areas of Smart Factory Management Transformation

Almost 36 percent of supply chain leaders during our recent factory operations webinar with IndustryWeek said digital transformation in the smart factory means “standardizing and automating manual processes.” Frankly, I couldn’t agree more. 

Whether it’s upgrading the factory floor with robotic assembly technology, providing wearable information technology to workers, or proactively predicting inventory needs with artificial intelligence solutions—standardization and automation are a top priority.


The Past, Present, and Future of the Factory Management Capabilities Gap

While most companies have made significant investments in modernizing and automating the factory floor, not many people are talking about the other part—you may call it the back office, or factory management, or factory operations. We call it the secret to unlocking a massive competitive advantage.


Frequently Asked Questions: Transforming Inventory Management for Smart Factories

We’ve been talking a lot about digital transformation for smart factories—specifically optimizing your factory management processes to make sure inventory is in the right place at the right time for your teams. In our dialogues with industry experts and innovators—as recently as last week in an IndustryWeek webinar featuring our team and Mike Louderback, VP of Operational Excellence at Morgan Advanced Materials—we’ve heard a lot of excellent questions about this transformation. 

Here are the most common management inquiries for smart factories and subsequent answers from the pros. 


5 Ways Digital Transformation Will Shake Up Inventory Management Solutions in 2021

We always knew digital transformation in inventory management solutions would continue to grow in the manufacturing space, but the unpredicted challenges amid COVID-19 catalyzed that need. In 2021, manufacturers are tasked with ramping production back to the place it was in 2019—a level that took decades for some to establish. These companies are turning to technology to quickly re-establish and sustain best practices critical in today’s complex supply chain. Cloud-based software, AI-driven technology, and smart, standardized work have gone from a nice-to-have to a company-wide mandate.

As manufacturers ramp back up and make their operations “disruption-proof,” here’s how I predict manufacturing will transform in 2021.