LeanDNA in the News: Plant Engineering on the Future of Lean Project Management

What are the benefits of digitizing Lean project management? LeanDNA CEO Richard Lebovitz interviewed John Tackett, Director of Operational Excellence at Broadwind Energy, in Plant Engineering to share how Lean manufacturers are finding success with cloud-based tools. Below are highlights of the article, or you can read the full article here.

  • Broadwind Energy, a manufacturer of structures, equipment and components for clean technology, started their Lean Six Sigma journey with an online, lean project management system
  • “Cloud-based tools have simplicity, ease of use and ease of setup. It was important to be able to quickly launch a project management tool across all sites. We were able to find a solution designed for Lean manufacturers – LeanDNA – that met all our requirements and allowed us to be up and running in short order,” says Tackett.
  • Since implementing digital lean project management, Broadwind’s projects are targeted to deliver a 15% reduction in conversion costs on a per tower basis in one business segment
  • “Make sure that you start with the foundation. Set a cultural expectation for how you manage projects within your organization. Even before you have a tool like this, establish review cadences and standards for looking at project data across your business, and train teams on the basics of lean and project management,” says Tackett.
  • “Ultimately, our online lean project management system has improved the performance of our projects.”