Supply Chain Insights Podcast on Aligning Manufacturing Flows [Transcript]

This is a transcript of the Supply Chain Insights podcast conducted by Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, on her Straight Talk program, called Aligning Flows Across Manufacturing: An Interview with LeanDNA’s Richard Lebovitz. The podcast recording is available here.

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4 Critical Reports to Help You Optimize Inventory

Picture this, Supply Chain Leaders: your site just received a mandate from your corporate office to reduce inventory this year by 10% across the board. Now it’s time to scramble to develop and implement a strategy to optimize inventory. But where do you start?!

Does this situation sound familiar to you? At LeanDNA, we see this all the time. Based on our experience, we’ve compiled a summary of the four must-have reports that can help you quickly organize and attack any inventory reduction initiative. Continue Reading “4 Critical Reports to Help You Optimize Inventory”

Warning Signs Your POs Could Cause Trouble

Does your factory have warning signs? You know, those bright yellow triangles? Perhaps it has an exclamation mark for caution, or a lightning bolt to represent high voltage area. Maybe it even features a skull & cross bones to signal that dangerous chemicals (or pirates) are present. No matter the sign, they clearly mean one thing: WARNING.

As a supply chain manager, you probably wish you had a sign like that for your team to help them with the purchase order process. Maybe it would be a triangle with a broken down delivery truck meant to represent an impending shortage. Whatever it would look like, it’d be amazing to give your buyers a sign for which POs could leave you at risk.

Well, there may not be a physical symbol you can place in your office, but there are plenty of warning signs to look out for. Here are four warning signs your POs could cause trouble. Continue Reading “Warning Signs Your POs Could Cause Trouble”

Inventory Management Maturity Curve: How Sophisticated Supply Chains Improve Inventory Turns by 200 Percent

Inventory ties up a massive amount of working capital – to the tune of $459 billion dollars. That makes up nearly 3% of the entire United States GDP! Successful inventory management is critical to becoming a leader in supply chain in every industry vertical. And manufacturers are looking for solutions to drive inventory management improvement.

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5 Benefits of Improving Cross-Site Visibility in Supply Chain

Advances in analytics allow manufacturers to see and interact across sites like never before. There are many benefits to this multi-site visibility – increased inventory savings, happier customers, and less stress. Connecting your sites and standardizing their data using cross-site analytics is the future of manufacturing. Here are 5 benefits of cross-site visibility: Continue Reading “5 Benefits of Improving Cross-Site Visibility in Supply Chain”

Supply Chain Analysis: 5 Awesome Widgets for Inventory Reporting

Your car’s dashboard features a broad array of controls, measures, and gauges. You can tell how fast you are going, how the car is performing, and when you are running out of gas. Everything you need to know is right there in front of you. Your supply chain analysis dashboard should be no different.

At LeanDNA, our built-in dashboards are comprised of widgets that provide critical insight into your most important metrics. With these highly customizable dashboards, users can make quick, informed decisions to improve factory performance.

While every widget brings value to the table, here are five of my favorites: Continue Reading “Supply Chain Analysis: 5 Awesome Widgets for Inventory Reporting”

Webinar: Reducing Inventory Through Supply Chain Analytics

How do you drive cost reduction in your supply chain with inventory reduction and shortage management? With data and analytics.

In the pre-recorded webinar presented by the American Society for Quality, LeanDNA CEO Richard Lebovitz shares best practices and industry trends for more effective inventory management through data. Continue Reading “Webinar: Reducing Inventory Through Supply Chain Analytics”

How to Develop Standard Work For Your Supply Chain Team

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” – Henry Ford

Standard Work wasn’t a supply chain business term in the 1900s, but if it had been, you better believe Henry Ford would have had a quote about it. Ford, a major proponent of the assembly line, knew the value of placing his workers in the best possible position every single day.

A key component of the Kaizen philosophy, Standard Work, does just that. It puts supply chain teams on the same page, eliminates unnecessary action, and ensures everyone moves forward together.

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Case Study: An Interview With Graco Supply Company’s Director of IT

What does a LeanDNA implementation look like from an IT team’s perspective? LeanDNA has a lot of upside for inventory reduction and shortage management, but many people are wary of the process of launching new supply chain software. We sat down with Jason Irvan, Director of Information Technology at Graco Supply Company, in our newest case study for a first-hand look into how easy a LeanDNA implementation can be. Continue Reading “Case Study: An Interview With Graco Supply Company’s Director of IT”

Lean Manufacturing Predictions for 2018

2017 was a big year for manufacturing! From adding an average of 16,000 jobs each month to continuing the years-long trend of increasing output and productivity, the US manufacturing industry saw a lot of good.

Here at LeanDNA, we had a great year too! We made major improvements to the way manufacturers leverage collaborative analytics to reduce inventory, manage shortages, and execute their lean projects. For example, we created more automated ways that our system’s AI-based Inventory Actions highlight opportunities for inventory reduction, and brought to light new ways for sites within the same company to collaborate on global inventory initiatives. But what’s next for the world of manufacturing as a whole?

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