2022 Gartner Supply Chain Symposium: Key Insights and Takeaways

Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Recap

The severity of the various supply chain disruptions have contributed a new set of challenges for manufacturers across industries. The impacts of these supply chain predicaments have forced organizations to pivot and adapt to ongoing, unpredictable changes. For leadership to expand their visibility and enhance team collaboration, they must re-calibrate their supply chain.


Embracing Disruption: The 2022 AME International Conference in Dallas

After going virtual the past two years, The Association for Manufacturing Excellence’s (AME) 38th annual international conference will finally be back in person this year in Dallas. In mid-October, this event will bring together lean practitioners from nearly every role and every industry across the globe. This is one of the biggest conference events in the country for manufacturing and operational excellence, showcasing a variety of local tours, keynote speakers, interactive presentations, networking opportunities, and more.


2022 State of Supply Chain Webinar: Meet Our Panel of Industry Experts

In 2022, manufacturers are still reeling from the ongoing effects of COVID-19, unprecedented global supply chain disruptions, and overburdened planning and procurement teams. Manufacturers trying to deliver on-time and grow their revenue have to navigate increasingly complex supply chain challenges, highly customized orders, intricate sub-assemblies from a more global supplier base, and more. 


Insights from NextGen 2020: How Can Supply Chain Teams Achieve Agility?

That’s a wrap on NextGen Supply Chain Conference 2020. This year, Supply Chain Management Review (SCMR) set out to answer questions around what’s next for the supply chain. Leaders from across the world reflected on the effects of the pandemic on manufacturing and gave their advice on how to successfully improve supply chain efficiency in today’s “new normal.”

This year, supply chain agility was front and center, with several themes throughout the show on how top supply chains needed to improve supply chain efficiency and prepare their teams for whatever disruption comes next. 

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The Name of the Game is Adoption: Observations from the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit

I just finished my first day at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit in Philadelphia and spent the day in the analytics track with manufacturing and technology leaders from across the country. The message from day one was clear: there’s a lot of talk about the technology behind analytics, and not enough focus on the human side that will ultimately yield results.

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5 Pro Tips for Making the Most out of AME Boston

It may still feel like summer for many of us, but Autumn is just around the corner. And with Autumn comes AME’s annual event! This year, AME’s International Conference will fall (get it?) into Boston, MA from October 9th through 13th. And we at LeanDNA are excited to attend this year!

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