Build or Buy? Here’s How to Free Up IT’s Time and Resources

No manufacturer uses just one tool. Today’s factory operations and procurement teams use a slew of technological tools to analyze the inventory data stored in their ERP systems, guide their daily actions, and navigate the increasingly common global supply chain disruptions. In order to bring their teams out of manual processes and spreadsheets, many companies build their own solutions in-house in order to define and control how they categorize and analyze their data. But is it better to build or buy?


How LeanDNA Optimized Spirit AeroSystems’ Supply Chain Planning

Today’s manufacturers in nearly every industry have to grapple with complex supply chain planning challenges brought on not only by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also by an increasingly globalized supply chain, geopolitical issues, growing demand for customization and more. One industry particularly impacted by these challenges is aerospace and defense, due to its global market and discrete manufacturing requirements.


5 Ways Manufacturers Benefit from SaaS

When it comes to technological advancements in manufacturing, many conjure up images of advanced robotics on the factory floor. While this technological investment has revolutionized the way manufacturers build their products, another technological wave is sweeping through the supply chain. This wave focuses on boosting the efficiency of the procurement and buying teams tasked with inventory management.

Software as a service (SaaS), cloud-based computing hosted remotely by a vendor and accessible over a network, has quickly proven to be a game changer in navigating the increasingly complex manufacturing landscape. Below are five major ways that SaaS can boost productivity and efficiency.


Astrid Hussonnois of LeanDNA Named a 2021 Women in Supply Chain Award Winner

Customer Success Manager Recognized for Empowering Inventory and Supply Chain Leaders with the Technology and Support They Need for Dynamic Decision Making

AUSTIN, Texas – Sept. 17, 2021 – LeanDNA, the only provider of factory-focused inventory optimization solutions, announced today that its Customer Success Manager Astrid Hussonnois has been named a 2021 Women in Supply Chain award winner by Supply & Demand Chain Executive


Paul Aram of Ingersoll Rand: Putting the Lean-Hybrid Model to the Test

COVID-19 disrupted manufacturing processes on a global scale, with unpredictable customer demand and headline-making critical shortages. On top of that, unexpected disruptions like the Suez Canal exposed the need for a more resilient supply chain. In 2021, manufacturers have been forced to take a hard look at their inventory management best practices and workflows as they try to weather the Perfect Storm. So, how can manufacturers remain successful and competitive through such instability? 

In the April 2021 IndustryWeek webinar titled, “Going Beyond ‘Status Quo’ Supply Chains,” Ingersoll Rand’s Paul Aram, LeanDNA CEO Richard Lebovitz, and industry analyst Bob Ferrari, shared their thoughts on the next big thing in execution-based inventory management methods.