Factory Management Focus Area #1: Total sight into your actionable data

In this continued series, we’re talking about the three must-haves of a successful factory management operation. First up: Total visibility into trusted, actionable data (not just siloed data that tells you where things are struggling). 


The Four Focus Areas of Smart Factory Management Transformation

Almost 36 percent of supply chain leaders during our recent factory operations webinar with IndustryWeek said digital transformation in the smart factory means “standardizing and automating manual processes.” Frankly, I couldn’t agree more. 

Whether it’s upgrading the factory floor with robotic assembly technology, providing wearable information technology to workers, or proactively predicting inventory needs with artificial intelligence solutions—standardization and automation are a top priority.


Inventory Management Best Practice: Create an Inventory Attack Team

As the supply chain leader of a large multisite organization, how do you organize and drive an effective, sustainable process to attack the biggest inventory management problems on a daily basis across complex teams with multiple ERP systems? Have you ever been in a meeting where inventory optimization was brought up as a top priority by leadership without clear direction on how exactly to attack the issue?

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4 Critical Reports to Help You Optimize Inventory

Picture this, Supply Chain Leaders: your site just received a mandate from your corporate office to reduce inventory this year by 10% across the board. Now it’s time to scramble to develop and implement a strategy to optimize inventory. But where do you start?!

Does this situation sound familiar to you? At LeanDNA, we see this all the time. Based on our experience, we’ve compiled a summary of the four must-have reports that can help you quickly organize and attack any inventory reduction initiative. Continue Reading “4 Critical Reports to Help You Optimize Inventory”